911 Water Rescue - Florida's Water Removal Service

We are Family owned and operated 24/7 Emergency Flood & Water Removal Service

Water Removal - Emergency Line 772-240-6670

911 Water Rescue  is a full service 24 hour emergency water damage restoration company. We specialize in structural drying using state of the art restoration equipment. We believe in putting our customers first by great customer service and helping them through their water damage loss from beginning to end. We do this by answering all client questions, setting the proper expectations and drying out their property as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to the property. Our state certified contractors make sure that all repairs to the property are done correctly and the way the client expects.  When the property owner needs to go through their insurance company and make a claim, we will work with the insurance company.      

Our 100% Guaranteed Promise

                       911Water Rescue's water damage drying process is as follows:
Inspection: Upon arrival of the property we do a thorough inspection to determine affected areas using moisture detection equipment. All moisture readings will be recorded on our drying logs to help track the drying process. We also may take photos before any work begins.
Remove water: After inspection we will remove as much water as possible using a truck mounted machine or we will use a portable extracting unit for hard to reach jobs.
Set up for drying process: Once excess water is removed we will begin drying process by removing all affected baseboards to help dry walls more efficiently and remove all carpet padding that is wet to speed up the drying process. We will also block up all furniture to get it off wet surfaces.
Install equipment: The next step in the drying process is to install the proper equipment to dry out the structure and all the contents.
Job monitoring: We will perform routine evaluations of the worksite to monitor the drying process until the structure is dry. All moisture readings will be recorded on our drying logs.
Rebuild: Our certified contractors will do all the repairs needed to restore the property.
Complete and proper structural drying is the best defense against mold growth and any further damages!

Our other Services!!

911 Water Rescue  offers many different types of cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. We use "green" or earth friendly solutions as often as we can. All carpet, mattress, and furniture will be cleaned this way. This provides a safer environment for our customers by knowing that the carpet you walk on, the furniture you sit on, or the mattress you sleep on has been cleaned safely using earth friendly solutions. Water Rescue uses quality chemicals and solutions by prochem, chemspec, masterblend and bridgepoint. We perform our cleaning services by using a high powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine or a high performance portable carpet cleaning machine.
                                    911 Water Rescue's Cleaning services:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Furniture/upholstery cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Area Rug cleaning
  • Outdoor furniture cleaning
  • Outdoor carpet cleaning
  • Auto interior cleaning
  • RV cleaning
  • Boat cleaning
  • Dust Mite control
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Construction cleanup
  • Mold cleanup and remediation
  • Mold testing
  • Water Damage restoration